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Our Story

Boobaloo About Us
We are a family owned, 100% handmade and handcrafted business creating original designs on wood.
We created Boobaloo in 1994  after the birth of our two children and the decision for Nikki to stay at home to raise our children. We soon started exploring different ways to supplement our income when Nikki gave her notice. With Nikki's degree in the fine arts and myself a fairly talented fabricator of just about anything you could possibly need, this seemed like not only something that could help the cause but also something fun that we both love to do.
Our products are all designed, individually cut, engraved and hand painted by my wife and I in La Mirada, California. Our designs are based on things we believe bring joy to our eye, a smile to our face and giggles to our bellies.
In addition to our own products we especially like helping our customers create custom signs for their friends, family and special occasions.
Have a look at all our products and we are sure our sign art will make a connection with your heart.
Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you!
For any inquiries, please get in touch  INFO@BOOBALOO.COM